Launch event Composites Cluster

Composites Cluster officially launched

On 28 January 2020, Composites Cluster was officially launched. As a Flanders based non-profit platform on composite technology, the goal of the organisation will be to represent the interests of all parties involved in the development, manufacture, maintenance and reuse of composite based materials and products. In order to announce the cluster’s objectives and activities, the organisation invited various stakeholders of the composites industry to an official opening event.

The event started with a lab tour. Participating companies could choose between the three labs below, all situated in Ghent Tech Lane Science Park in Zwijnaarde: 

After the lab tour, the program consisted of several interesting and interactive talks and presentations. Guido Verhoeven, General Manager of SIM, first guided the participants through a short history of the Composites Cluster, now being a division of SIM.

Then, Harke Pera, chairman of the steering commitee, presented the goals of the Composites Cluster. The enthusiastic steering committee members briefly introduced themselves. A list of the steering committee members can be found here. Since Composites Cluster wants to represent the interests of all parties involved in the Flemish composites industry, it is important for the organisation to know what is going on in the industry. For that reason, an interactive session was led by Carla Hertleer to poll to the topics that should be further worked on in smaller groups. The session revealed an interest in the following topics:

  • Recycling and closed loop management
  • Smart composites
  • Fire retardant composites
  • Automation
  • Bonding technologies
  • Non-destructive testing of composites
  • Surface properties and coatings
  • Bio-fibre-based composites
  • 3D woven composites
  • 3D printed composites
  • Thermoplastic composites

Furthermore, input was asked on the type of activities members would prefer to participate in. they will help shaping the cluster. The event ended with a refreshing networking drink. 

The presentation can be downloaded here.

In case you are interested in joining the Cluster and participating in one of the working groups, please contact us at